Awakening to a New Consciousness

Experiences and Practices of Transformation!

by Dr Joseph Parazoo


The application of metaphysical principles assists the acceleration of one's evolution. This takes us on a quantum leap to a higher level of knowledge and spiritual consciousness. Just to "know" is not enough. We have to practice and apply what we know. When we work these principles in harmony with the cosmic laws, it empowers us with tools to achieve a successful and fulfilled life.

One night, Joe Parazoo rationalized, that the doctors were only human. That it was the prayer that he made, that actually made all of the difference. He said to himself; “It would only be fair, of me, to at least, thank this God, for saving Kim's live.”

He received one of those, Ah Ha, moments. “If I was willing to give credit to an Entity, that people call God; then I must have some belief, that this God exists. If God exists, what is the purpose? If God exists, what is the truth? He remembered the following quote.

Jesus said: "Ask, and it shall be given; seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"
(Matthew 7:7)

Maybe someday, somehow that spark that lives down deep, in the recesses of the "heaven within" residing in the inner chamber of the heart, will ignite. Causing you to start your quest through the various Esoteric teachings available throughout the world. Answering the age old questions. Who am I? What is this life about? Why am I here? Starting your search inward. Join me, as we explore the possibilities.

Topics of My Journey

 • Early History
 • Setting the Stage
 • Transformation
 • Let's Talk Religion
 • The Quest Begins
 • Search for Jesus
 • Teachings of Jesus
 • Gnostic or Heretic?
 • Far East

 • The Tree of Life
 • Tasks of the Soul
 • A New Field of Study
 • Practice Begins
 • What is a Chakra?
 • Healing Energies
 • What is Enlightenment?
 • Practices to Consider



Joe Parazoo embarked on a spiritual journey of transformation in 2005... After considerable study and inner healing, he realized that his mission was to help other people become healed at the soul level... He operates spiritual blog providing information, tips, exercises and tools to help people heal.

He continued his transformation through the art of meditation and started to share his recordings.. He provides information and articles.

Upon discovering quantum physics, Joe Parazoo received training and became certified as an energy healing master through the modality called Reiki... He practices, teaches and shares the healing energy via local Reiki circles as well as the internet at Reiki Training Course.

Joe Parazoo has a doctors degree in Metaphysical Psychology from the University of Sedona. He is also a certified Hypnotherapist through the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

Dr Joe Parazoo is the author of several books.. A Brush with Death... Awakening to a New Consciousness... Ancient Spiritual exercise – Revealed... Surviving MRSA... Preparing for 2012.. His latest... Healing the Hidden Self

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Dr Joe Parazoo

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